Jack Dickinson for Minnesota State Auditor

Office of the State Auditor
The State Auditor oversees local government finances and taxpayer funds. The audits conducted by the Office are independent evaluations that ensure compliant, efficient, and transparent use of municipal funds.
The Office is part of the executive branch of the state of Minnesota, and oversees all components of local government, including:

  • City and county legislatures
  • School districts
  • Housing, infrastructure, and development
  • Municipal contracts and bidding
  • TIF (Tax Increment Financing) compliance and accountability

Work with these entities involves auditingreviewinginvestigating, reporting, and educating.

We need to take a hard look at our investments intended to create jobs and educate our people for our changing economy. I’ll use the office to identify structural inequalities in our policies that leave certain groups behind to make sure our government works for everyone.
The Pension Division reviews investment, financial, and actuarial reporting for approximately 700 public pension plans.
The Legal/Special Investigations Division investigates allegations of theft or misuse of public funds.
The Government Information Division collects and analyzes local government financial data, which is assembled in regular reports provided to the Legislature and the public.
The Office of the State Auditor works to help Minnesota’s local governments succeed by providing the tools and resources necessary to be successful stewards of public funds.

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