Jack Dickinson for Minnesota State Auditor

Hi, I'm Jack.

I moved to Minnesota to attend Macalester College in St. Paul nearly 20 years ago, and found a home in a city and state that celebrate diversity and progressive values. After graduating from Macalester, I moved to Shanghai where I sought to better understand our world and my place in it. I came home wiser than when I left. I joined my dad’s new manufacturing company and I realized the power of entrepreneurship and a team unified in purpose. It strengthened our community and changed peoples’ lives. I was inspired to run and grow my own business and here I learned about leadership, sacrifice, and accountability to employees’ families. We continue to invest in our people, and we’ve been growing and hiring ever since. No challenge is too great with leadership that believes in people, builds trust, and unites diverse groups behind a common purpose.
As a small business owner I’ve learned we depend on one another for the success of our organization, just as Minnesotans depend on one another for the success of our state. We must be vigilant and ensure Minnesota works for all Minnesotans.
I make sure that my contributions in the business world are matched by my contributions to my community. I serve on the boards of my neighborhood association, my neighborhood business association, and my daughter’s preschool. My wife Cathy and I are raising our two daughters, Annabelle and Rosemary, in Minneapolis. I attained my Executive MBA at the University of Minnesota in 2015. In addition to running my business and spending time with my family, I’m attending the Humphrey School of Public Policy at the University of Minnesota and will graduate with my second master’s degree in Public Affairs.
“I believe in building personal connections within our community.”

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